Technological innovation and excellent performance, even from the viewpoint of maximum environmental protection, also inspire the latest arrival in the new generation of the world's most famous, best-selling scooter, the Vespa ET4 cento50.
Although the Vespa ET4 cento50 retains the styling of smaller engine versions, it has been refined by new styling elements: chrome mouldings on the sides which follow the soft lines of the body, white indicator lights with yellow bulbs which blend with the chrome finish, the "cento50" logo identifying the engine positioned beside the Vespa trademark on the cowling.
The launch for the Vespa ET4 cento50 coincided with the launch of a new family of four-stroke engines developed by Piaggio's Engine Division.

Technology and respect for the environment are evident, starting from the name of this range of engines, known by the acronym LEADER, for Low Emission ADvanced Engine Range.

The Vespa ET4 cento50 comes in a wide range of colours which highlight its elegance and strong character. The pastel shades are Black, Hippy Red and Capodimonte White, while metallic shades are Moonlight Grey, Lavender, Cobalt Blue and Enigma Green, plus Garnet Red which is unique to the ET4 cento50.

A new Vespa generation: all the appeal of the
legend, plus state-of-the-art technology

Fifty-three years after the launch of the first model,
the Vespa continues to be a part of today's
lifestyles and occupies the highest positions in
the sales leagues.

The Vespa ET4 125, the first Vespa to be
powered by a four-stroke engine, was launched
in 1997, and in 1998 led European sales for over
50 cc two-wheeled vehicles, including

The dynamic town dweller of the 21st century,
looking for outstanding agility and comfort in
town, combined with excellent handling and
practicality, will choose the Vespa ET2 with a 50
cc engine. Those intending to travel longer
distances, perhaps with a passenger, and want
higher performance, will go for the Vespa ET4
125, which was joined in May 1999 by the brand
new Vespa ET4 150 powered by the new Piaggio
"Leader" four-stroke engine, an extremely quiet
unit with a very low environmental impact.

The new generation Vespas are fitted with CVT
automatic transmission with centrifugal variable
advance; electric starting is standard equipment,
but the traditional kick starter has been kept on
for emergencies.

全新的Vespa ET4 cento50 採用全新設計的四行程引擎增加效率低污染,汽缸為150cc加大馬力,並

採用CVT無段自動變速,騎乘更有力順暢媲美1955年Vespa GS 150,將在2000年進入市場大賣,希望台