Vespa Vintage





The 1999-2000 edition is even more comprehensive

The Vespa is not just a scooter. It is the world's
most popular two-wheeled vehicle.

The Vespa is the world's only scooter that is
capable of making itself loved to the point that it is
cared for and maintained well beyond the
average life span of any other vehicle. So that it
surpasses its function as a means of transport to
become a cult object, a real collector's piece.

Now Piaggio is launching the Vespa Vintage
1999-2000 Edition, an exclusive range of rare
spare parts and original accessories, dedicated
to all the owners of vintage Vespas.

The Vespa Vintage catalogue is now in its
second edition, and covers the years from 1946 -
the year of the first legendary 98 cc Vespa, right
up to the Seventies.

And it now features items that had become
practically impossible to find: such as pistons,
clutch plates, engine bearings, knobs, badging,
logos, or chrome mouldings. The components
are absolutely identical to the originals, all being
built from the original designs which have been
recovered by the Piaggio Historical Archives with
the help of the Vespa Historical Register, the
Vespa Club of Italy, and the International
Federation of Vespa Clubs.